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My Everyday – Weeks 6 & 7

Here’s what I captured for My Everyday.

Week 6:  On the shelf

I snapped this quickly, intending to actually choose something different… but it never happened.  😉  So… Here’s Salt and Pep on the shelf!

On the shelf

Week 7: Made

Showing off what they made. 🙂 (Look how sunny and snow-free it was yesterday!!)

Girls with paintings


And Michael needed me to take a pic of the car he made, too. 😀

Boy with lego car


Project 52 – Weeks 6 & 7

Whoops… behind again.

Here’s what I captured for the last two weeks.  🙂

Week 6:  Culture

What’s more Canadian than hockey?

Canadian culture


Although we haven’t had enough snow lately.

Canadian Culture

But don’t worry. That’s changed today. It snowed so much last night through the night, that Jeff is actually out with the snowblower for only the second time this winter!!

Kids are looking forward to road hockey now. 😉

And Week 7: Red

She’s happy to pose for me.. as long as she gets to dress up. 😉

Becky red (2 of 1)


She even braved the cold long enough to have bare feet for this picture.. cause winter boots would spoil the effect. 😉

Becky red (2 of 1)-2

Project 52 – My Everyday

Here’s my other P52 Project!

Week 3: Create



Week 4: Eat (What I Ate)



Week 5: Hot

We have no snow. My grass is greenish. In February. O.o And…


… my lilac tree has buds.

Yep. It’s “hot” out.

Project 52 – Weeks 3, 4 and 5!


I forgot that I was going to post my P52 here!  So… here’s a round up for you.  🙂

Week 3: Food


My son’s 13th birthday Chocolate Banana Cream pie. It was yummy. 😉


Week 4: Bokeh

It’s been a dark, dreary winter. And there’s been a huge lack of snow. I got home just in time one day to catch the last of the sunlight. Burr bokeh, anyone? 😉




Week 5: Best Friends

I’m so glad that my kids are best friends. Really. These pictures aren’t the greatest technically… but they capture the moment, and the emotion it conveys. I love them.

My boys:

Best Friends 1


And my girls:

Best Friends 2

I’ll post Project 52 – My Everyday shortly. 🙂

Project 52 – Week 2

Another year, another project!

This time, it’s a 52.  One picture a week for a year.

And, it’s themed.  🙂  It’s called “My Everyday”.

Week one was “happy”.
Jan 8 120

Back button focus, and sharp eyelashes. I’m very happy. 😉


Jan 8 127

Getting her first email from her granny makes her happy.  🙂

Week 2 was “dry”.


Very thankful for dry wood to keep me warm!


So, now I’m caught up.  🙂


Next week is “Create”.


Also – I was tagged!

But since I usually use my other blog, I’m going to post my answers over there.


Miss me?


I know I haven’t posted here… still haven’t decided what I should post.  😉  Maybe I’ll be back with a Project 52 round up.  😀

I’m taking a photography course from Clickin’ Moms (pssst… check out the forum here.. it’s awesome!!  Not even kidding…) and so I’m taking a lot of picture with that to try and improve.

I took these today just for fun.

Baby blues

Crazy Blue Eyes


And here’s one I took a few days ago. Trying out “Shooting from the Shadows”.

Jan 8 139


The only light was the (dwindling) daylight coming in the window in front of her… and the light from the tablet on her face.


I can’t believe how much I’ve learned in just a few days.  Did you know there was a DOF preview button on the T1i?  I didn’t.  😉

Did you know that back button focus is awesome??  I can’t believe I didn’t know about it.

Did you know that you can toggle focus points?  I don’t know how much I’ll use that, since I’m so used to focus/recompose, but still!!  Something else I didn’t know.

I’ll be back.  😉



That was fun.  A lot of work, but fun!

I’ve decided not to start another 365 project.  Instead, I’ve signed up for a Project 52.  One picture a week.  I need a break.  😉

I might post my 52 pics here… or maybe on my other blog.  Haven’t decided.

Thanks for following along with my 2011/365.

Hope you have a fantastic 2012!  😀

Glitter Graphics

Dec 31, 2011

Andy, running and happy!


Why was he running and happy?

Because he was let out of his “isolation” pen, and into the bigger pen with Sir Loin and Amos.

Why was he let out of the pen?

Because Alex took his spot.  😉


Ethan bought this calf with his own money.  And it kills me that his tongue is sticking out.  Looks like Alex doesn’t like his picture taken any more than Ethan does!  😀

Dec 30, 2011

Hooked up the new xbox, and kinect.



It was hilarious watching the kids play!

Dec 29, 2011

I love my 50mm lens… look how sharp her eye is!!



But I don’t like how close it is… next lens will have to be a 28mm or 30mm so I can take pictures in my house.  😉